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Help & Info about Microsoft OneNote for windows

  • Is Microsoft OneNote 2013 free?

    This program is free to download and install onto your computer. No fees are levied after you have done so and there is no trial period that will run out so you can carry on making use of it without charge.
  • Has Microsoft OneNote 2013 been upgraded?

    There are other versions of Microsoft's popular OneNote software that are available. It is possible to use OneNote 2016 instead, but users can still download the 2013 version so that files created using that edition can still be worked on using a different computer.
  • Is Microsoft OneNote 2013 encrypted?

    Yes, it uses 128 bit AES encryption to help keep your files free from prying eyes. Any part of Microsoft's Office suite of programs that came out after 2007 offers password protection. If you forget your password, then the encrypted files cannot be looked at. So, choose yours carefully!
  • Does Microsoft OneNote 2013 include a calendar?

    According to Microsoft, both OneNote 2013 and 2016 were never designed to include calendar templates. Having said that, it is relatively simple to fashion your own - if you want to - within the software. You can save a template and reuse it year after year.
  • Does Office 2013 include Microsoft OneNote 2013?

    Yes. Nearly every edition of Office 2013 that was sold and distributed by Microsoft included Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Most versions were licensed for use on just one PC although no less than five editions of Office 2013 were released.
  • Can you use a stylus with Microsoft OneNote 2013?

    Handwritten notes can be made using the program. This is only possible on a device that uses some form of touchscreen technology, however. What's more, OneNote can convert your handwriting to text later, if wanted.
  • Can I print files created using Microsoft OneNote 2013?

    It is possible to print using this software package. Simply head to the main File icon and then select Print. The ensuing window will allow you to view a print preview or to print directly. Alternatively, you can export your file to another program and print from that.
  • Can you use Microsoft OneNote 2013 to draw?

    Like writing by hand, it is possible to use a stylus to draw using this program so long as it is installed on a touchscreen device. Simply head to the main ribbon and select the Draw tab which will allow you to make sketches.
  • Can you use Microsoft OneNote 2013 offline?

    Even if you save your OneNote 2013 files to the cloud, for example on Microsoft's OneDrive, then you should be able to access the latest files with no internet access. This is due to your computer storing a cached version of them for you locally.
  • Does Microsoft OneNote 2013 work on an iPad?

    A version of the program was developed for both Mac and iPad users. It allows you to create files on your iPad and then access them from the cloud on your Mac later. Users can even add video recordings to their files with this app.


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